2004 J. Schram, Late Disgorged (1 x 750 mL)

With great enthusiasm, we present this one-of-a-kind late disgorged offering of our 2004 J. Schram. From the inception of Schramsbergs efforts in 1965, the winery has sought to achieve the greatest elegance and individuality possible in our sparkling wines. Our J. Schram bottlings epitomize Schramsbergs philosophy to craft wines in which no effort has been spared and no care has been omitted.

With 17 years of contact on the yeast in the bottle, in our historic Diamond Mountain caves, the 2004 J. Schram Late Disgorged has developed exquisite richness, depth and complexity. Extensive aging en tirage enables savory, nutty and seasoned attributes to evolve with fruitful caramelization, density and creaminess on the palate.

More than 120 cool-climate vineyard sites in Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino and the Marin coastal areas are farmed each year to achieve the best possible fruit for our sparkling wines. Hand-picking, early-morning harvesting, and light pressing of the grapes are critical for maintaining juice quality. A small amount of select Pinot Noir is included in the primarily Chardonnay blend, bringing a fruitful roundness to the palate. Distinct barrel and malolactic fermentation lots are then layered in to provide viscosity and depth, prior to the wine going to bottle for its long rest within the caves. Following secondary fermentation within the bottle, the yeast within slowly break down through a process called autolysis, imparting a richness and complexity that can only be achieved through years of patience. Now 18 years after these grapes were first harvested, we release this outstanding bottle of wine for your enjoyment.

In 2004, bud break occurred earlier than many vintners could remember and the trend carried forward throughout the growing season. Heat spikes occurred in June and at scattered intervals throughout the summer season. Grapes completed veraison early, leading to an end of July start to harvest. Temperatures were relatively moderate in the mid-season, allowing for high acid retention in the fruit. Grape quality was quite high with a crop that was smaller than average.

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Tasting notes

This late disgorged sparkling wine features bright aromas of baked apple, glazed pineapple, lemon curd and caramelized apricot, layered with elements of toasted sourdough, honey, orange marmalade and butter pecan. The round, full, coating palate seamlessly integrates with a vibrant acidity carrying rich flavors of yellow peach, baked citrus, caramel apple, praline, baking spices and a touch of marzipan.- Winemakers Sean Thompson, Jessica Koga and Hugh Davies