2018 "Caminante del Cielo" Blanc de Noirs (1 x 750 ml)

Made in a Blanc de Noirs style, focused on the Pinot Noir grape, this Caminante Del Cielo Vineyard bottling showcases an important long-time partners site, which is located in rural Marin County. Produced in limited quantities, this is one of two sparkling wines crafted in 2018 that highlights a specific vineyard within our portfolio. Marin is bordered on three sides by water, the Pacific Ocean to the west, San Pablo and San Francisco Bays to the east, and the Golden Gate to the south. Situated between 600-980 feet, and just east of the peak of Shroyer Mountain, the two blocks have both northwest and southeast facing exposure.

This property contains gravelly and loamy soil, which forces the roots of each vine to struggle to seek out water and nutrients. These conditions assist in consistent production of delicious, small berries and hand-sized clusters. Marins coastal influence keeps temperatures moderately cool during the hottest part of the day, affording slower ripening and longer development on the vine. Because of this extended growing season, Marin County wines are balanced with superb natural acidity and bright fruit flavors.

The long growing season in 2018 revealed a vintage with depth and concentration. While rainfall in Marin was lower than normal in 2018, reserves from the heavy 2017 rains allowed for the vineyards to produce full canopies and normal crop loads. Summer temperatures were moderate, with few regional heat spikes. Ripening tempered by these conditions allowed for harvest to be a few weeks later than average.

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Tasting notes

This 2018 'Caminante del Cielo Vineyard' Blanc de Noirs welcomes tantalizing aromas of strawberry, white peach, and apricot, complemented by notes of dried mango, lemon curd, sugar cookie, graham cracker and ginger. Juicy orange and tangy tangerine burst on the palate, accompanied by a touch of honey. A broad center leads to a full and coating finish.- Winemakers Jessica Koga, Sean Thompson and Hugh Davies